Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Oh crap...I'm pretty sure we're in Sweden now..."

Oh the joys of Europe, only here could you accidentally end up in another country by mistake! Granted our end goal was to go to Sweden for the day, (Malmö is about 20 minutes away by train from my flat), but we planned on taking the train to the central station, then getting a ticket to Sweden, and then going there. Instead we ended up getting on the train already on it's way past the central station, therefore not purchasing a ticket, and suddenly were under water and our ears are popping, and then we are going very fast over the sea, and we were just like...uhh...we didn't pay for this! Haha, so yes Dad, my life of crime continues :) The most innocent crime though! Marcella and I were super worried too, because earlier a lady had been checking peoples tickets, so we were holding out our passes, ready for it all, and the lady was even kicking other people off the train because they didn't seem to have tickets (and then you get huge fines so we always want to have our tickets here)...and then suddenly it was too late...and every step we heard past us we thought would be someone else checking tickets...haha. And we were trying not to look up and around and be suspicious but ahh, finally we got there and ran off. We even debated getting off at the first Sweden stop which was before the city center just to be safe but it was all industrial so we just kept going...

But anyways we got there and it was so lovely! AND CHEAPER! The vibe was totally different somehow, and so were the buildings, not like ... Samoa to Denmark different, but different just the same. With how close it was Marcella and I were both sort of expecting it to be the same, or really close. The Swedish language also sounds prettier than Danish, and I thought everyone there would be even blonder but actually we saw so many dark haired people. It's just really cool how you can accidentally end up in another country before you can even turn around :)

We mostly just walked around, went there without a plan, just to spend a nice Saturday seeing what's going on over there. This nice mall called 'Entre' had some pretty cheap shops, and also the food court on top...wow we had the best food in the entire world. I may upload a photo of both of our meals at the end. I had salmon, of course I had no idea what I was getting because I was just trying to go off the Swedish names on the pictures, but when the guy said 'you know that's salmon' I was very happy. AND IT WAS THE BEST EVER. Both meals were around 10 USD, and you don't tip anywhere here, so awesome :) Though apparently you can tip if you get amazingly good service and that's not abnormal. Being on a budget it's going to have to be 'massage and free dessert' nice service before I think 'oh time to tip!'

We almost went to see Valentine's Day too, mostly because going to the theatre is something we can't afford in Copenhagen, and it was much better in Sweden, so went back and planned on getting tickets, turns out you get tickets on a little machine and have to pick your seat, and as we couldn't sit together we just decided to head back. Cost to get back to Denmark? 14.51 USD. :) Cost to get to Sweden? Priceless :) I know, lame, but Mastercard commercials just drill it in there don't they!

I'm trying to think of there was anything else eventful Sweden related that I should put in here....I put up a lot of photos on facebook already, oh, I wanted to illustrate how cheap it was there. Amazing food + lots of Swedish chocolate + the first cheap noodles I've found (a cup of noodles in Denmark is about 4 USD, and maybe what, 30 cents at home, I can't do that!), + a swimsuit, + bandaids (I managed to irritate my foot with my shoes walking, didn't even notice I was bleeding until I went to adjust my sock, gross right? Yay for the numbing effect of snow), anyways all of that was less than 40 bucks so I was pretttty impressed. And Swedish money is pretty :) I'll definitely be going back sometime, especially since it's so close. It might even be cheaper to go grocery shopping there, at least for some things!

Other amusing things we saw - A fancy guys clothes store that had a "Michigan, maker of Carhartt' shirt and a "I'm from Cali' shirt...hahaha...so sad...So far Scandinavia is sooooo fashionable, everyone is, and Carhartt? Haha, if I saw anyone wearing Carhartt anything I would be CRAZY AMAZED. So much amazing looking food there I wanted, will be nice to go back when there is not snow everywhere :) see what it looks like green and alive!

Anyways, suppose I will sleep soon, actually have a real class tomorrow! Danish language was supposed to be today but somehow that didn't pan out, we showed up but no professor so...maybe next week haha. Actually have been having a pretty productive day too! Lets see if I can get some photos on here...

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