Thursday, October 14, 2010

Often when I go to put on lotion, I spray a stream of it all across my room.

How dare I post when I should be finishing this paper!  It's procrastination, my walk of life, my hated yet possibly my best quality. I get more things done procrastinating then I do when I'm actually getting what needs to be done...done.  Some examples: today I managed to figure out my entire class schedule for next year, emailed EVERYONE that I have been putting off, did the dishes, made my bed (when I do that you KNOW there is something I am putting off a ridiculous amount), ...wait is that all I did? No, did research for my witchcraft class (yeah...), finally put together my notes for the lecture I have been skipping religiously (food chemistry, I'd just rather sleep is all! Plus when I get there I cannot pay attention so what's is the use in going)...and I started watching a film for my film class that..I am also religiously skipping. But for better reasons. Now I can participate in the discussion tomorrow (for once, I've been slacking so much!)...yet I am supposed to be doing a very important paper due in said movies about 9 hours. And I have a power hour before that that means it is time to blog as I listen to classical music. It's so...triumphant; would be perfect if I was actually getting something done but instead it makes everything quite amusing, perhaps it is mocking me. Well let it!

By the way, my dear friend Karma, thank you for making my food processing report not be due tomorrow as well.  Had that been the case, I would have NEVER. SLEPT. 

What is this paper about? Good started out sort of normal...talking magic is portrayed in two different films, and then somehow I morphed it into an animal cruelty paper?  I have just given it the title "The Cruelty of Magic (those poor creatures!)" which amuses me as well.  I have over three pages left. I need to find a quote from readings I've never done to put in it (no worries, you actually don't need to do the readings I have discovered - I did just peachy on the first exam). But I am just not in the mood for it...actually I sort of am.  This blogging is helping. My travel blogged turning into my procrastination blog? I think not! Maybe I am procrastinating on travel, ever think of that!? Who am I challenging here so viciously...I must be losing my mind. 

Oh also for the record, I'm no animal rights activist. Please corn feed cattle regardless of the terrible health effects so I can continue getting a double cheeseburger of the McDs menu! I mean I don't like cruelty, not at all, and I don't like people who cut down rainforests and lots of other things, but I'm not about to go protest, chain  myself to a tree in front of bulldozers, picket outside of a Tyson's plant (that'd smell to gross to be out there anyways)...instead, I will write these little words in order to not have to write the other words on my cleverly titled paper.  Actually before I title any paper, I put "Clever title' at the top until I can think of something.  The more you know....

I don't think i have anything else to say about my paper, should I start now? I do have an awfully lot to do tomorrow, pie labs, SPC homework...(statistical process control)...uhm, I don't know, STUDY FOR MY EXAM FRIDAY MORNING? I only have to learn everything.  As I haven't been going to class. Not my brightest move? Maybe not, but neither was spraying lotion all over my room.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am as happy as I am bad at updating this :)

And this is going to be so short too...

Basically: I have done some gallivanting around the world, tasted the watermelon shakes of Southeast Asia, had to SADLY leave the love of my life (og Denmark ;) hehe) I have been going full speed ahead at Purdue...Last week was the first week I managed to have a day with eight hours of sleep in it!  I actually am taking a cramming-for-food-processing-midterm break right now but am about to get back on track.  I often think I should update this little deal, but it just never happens, since sleeping is my goal. Speaking of sleeping I've been having such NUTTY dreams, and every time I even so much as walk near my bed my dreams start seeping back into my'd definitely weird and awesome. Someday I'll have more time and write more.  Just wanted to make it clear that travels have not killed me yet, and my two jobs are helping me afford the next hopeful one...South America anyone? :)

med elsk,