Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy shards of lettuce :)

I AM NOT SICK ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, how awesome is everything? High gas prices I am alive to pay, delicious Quiznos with delicious coupons, getting to spill my drink on my in  my car and not even caring BECAUSE I FEEL BETTER! Remind me to never complain about anything again so long as I am not sick, because seriously, I can do anything now. I can even engage in procrastination like days of old! :) It's been a great time, oh flu viruses, rampaging around  my internal parts, making me want to die, but oh...have fun combating flu shots for the rest of my natural life because I'm gonna be gettin' 'em!

So about sandwiches.  There is never something so unhandy to eat in the car as is the sub.  It's just a mess really, you get it in the bag, all wrapped in paper, then the drive home where you want the red lights so you can try to eat, just one bite, please just one bite, and you are stopped, you're awkwardly tearing at the wrapping trying to just get that one edge, then it's green and all you can settle with are those stupid shards of lettuce at the edge, getting dressing on your hand, once more stopped, ripping paper awkwardly, trying to just somehow get your face around it - then a bite! Mostly bread, how disappointing! I noticed at one point on this very normal drive-with-sub that the paper around my sandwich said something like '3 easy steps to open" and had pictures and numbers and this perforated edge, which didn't work mainly because I had no patience for it...waste of packaging! Almost when home as well, I believe one of my more successful bites let me to have food on the side of my face, dressing, perhaps it wasn't visible but I could definitely feel it, regardless I was trying to keep myself from seeing the people near me, pulling suspiciously not window to window to them....Did I mention the only window that no longer will roll down is the only one I usually roll down? It's getting to be (exciting) spring time, I'll have to look into fixing that...I should probably do my lab report that was due to days ago...

Amazing how I can sleep and be sick for a week without doing anything...with my life. Usually I'm doing so much...I spent so much time in dream world of late...more than in reality world! Which sucked so...that was good. Eh talking about being sick is almost as boring as being sick. I ended up so loopy half the time I couldn't comprehend cryptoquips, which generally I am AWESOME at.  I really dislike the feeling of a malfunctioning brain, it's still not quite all the way there and feels so...shakey... but whatever it's close I feel like me again, I'm day dreaming about traveling again, oh yay beautiful life! Still coughing but I don't care!

I do wish I was going somewhere nice and insane for spring break, it's been so long, I should be catching up on things, I should be doing all sorts...but I still wish...:) Adios...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you sky, for being angry, because I am too!

Let's just go over a few things here.

I 'never' get sick. Now I cannot say never since I AM SO SICK! When traveling I even always try the water, just to see if I'll get sick! No, I don't, so I feel awesome about that.  But for some reason it is Sunday before a week of midterms, and I am laying here on my sickbed (might as well just call my bed that, right?), with a red scarf tied tightly around my head (like a ninja) to try to displace some of the weird sinus-y popping pain going on up there, wanting to be asleep and just...not be in this aching body anymore. I cannot study. I cannot stay awake. I cannot eat food nor taste it when I try.    Actually, I'm not sure if it's better with or without the scarf, just took it of...Kind of a relief but then I don't have that nice distracting dulling pressure.  Oh to be sick...

Anyway, it's storming, lightening, which is awesome. I am so angry I am so sick, and I am so weak, can do nothing about it, so the fact that the earth is shaking and the sky is angry makes me feel so much better, WHY DO VIRUSES EXIST! 

People always say there is no good time for bad news, or no good time to be sick. There are definitely better times to be sick, and now is not a good time. The would happen this week. Tsk tsk. I'm pretty hopped up on Dayquil, none of this makes sense, I'm losing my mind...I just saw a passenger train FINALLY!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

If my head was not attached to me, I WOULD ACTUALLY LOSE IT.

I attract chaos. Let us go over recent events in my life.  First you must know that I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. Some people say there is no luck...but some people also say that they were abducted by 'some people' really just can't be trusted....While I am one of the luckier people ever, I also have many things happen to me that make people go 'wow you are the most unlucky person ever.'  They do not quite understand the nature of my luck. So. Here is what has been happening.

About...ohhhhh three weeks ago? I was at a gathering of happy people, where I managed to drop my phone down a flight of steps. I almost feel like I threw it, but why would I do such a thing? Surely I don't fantasize about throwing my phone on trains when I pass over them, unto the Wabash, underneath moving vehicles...(I do)...anyways, as there was a strange amount of people hanging out ON the steps, a lot of people watched the tumble/gradual crumble, until Katrina, at the bottom, started crazily slamming pieces together (she is awesome), and then we found out the phone was broken beyond normal-person repair.  It could receive calls however, and I could call back the last person who called me...but this is not really the best idea for a phone.  *Sidenote - the screen looked like the game SkiFree, which I then downloaded and have played quite a bit, always yelling when the Yeti comes to eat me*

I have sense then procured my less borken baby-pink phone of my mothers, which only doesn't have a working six key, which means I cannot dial any number I don't already have from this area (765 area code), but 3y texts l00k like this, all writteh ih c0de, ahd s03ti3es I fihd 3yself typihg like this 0h 3y c03puter... Soon I will get my first upgrade though! In aggeesss. Three years or, more. I'm so used to having broken phones that I don't really know what to do about getting a new one, I want someone else to pick it...Ah speaking of phones bores me, sorry.

Actually this is no longer chronological.  A week before the phone incident, I lost my keys. My good friend Ben was driving me home after some homework time and as we neared my apartment I realized my keys had evaporated, therefore I had to go back to his, call my roommate, all those good things. Sadly, this was a day that I had BEEN ALL OVER CAMPUS.  Amusingly, I have all semester and indeed for years now marveled at the way I can manage to NOT lose my keys, not only do I have no memory almost ever of locking my door, but I never have any idea where I put them. I've had many a scare of losing them, where I apparently store them in random pockets, backpack parts, etc.  I even put my keys in the fridge once (probably traded it for something more important).  So, the next day I have all these plans of every building to look in, places I have eaten, being me I do not (and still do not) have an extra key to my get on the bus the next morning, ask my bus driver, who says 'Little football, little broken shoe?' and I was SO EXITED, THAT DESCRIBES MY KEYS EXACTLY!! So my friend Jess drove me to the bus place where they were at at the end of the day, and everything was awwwessssommme.

Then I lost my wallet.  All cards canceled; I thought I knew where I lost it but someone at this place (PAO building here, I had gone to a play with Katrina AND IT WAS THE BEST PLAY EVER [Amadeus]) had taken my wallet for a few days before returning it in more organized and without the USD.  Anyways, i drove home without a license, and was planning on not getting on and assuming it would turn up, and good thing I didn't!!! So now I have all my I.D.'s and Swedish money...the best thing is I was never really stressed about losing any of these things.  Everything always comes back, and if it doesn't oh well, someone else might have some fun with it right? Keys not so much, unless the same people who stole my gas would then take my car...if so I hope they fix the catalytic converter and then I will steal the car back...I should probably make a spare key now to make this happen. Oh how gutted would you be if someone stole your car and started smoking in it, and then you get it back and it's all SMOKEY. Sooo guttteeed.

So then I am doing this extra-credit-watch-two-episodes-of-star-wars thing for my movies class, hmm I think I still have a little bit of laundry left in the dryer, but I managed to go to this thing, park in the garage outside of union where you get a ticket but as it's after 6 (or 5?) you don't have to pay, but you DO have to keep the ticket, or else you pay 10 bucks. What did I do? lost my ticket on the 4 minute walk. or was it three minutes, OR WAS IT EVEN LESS. I get to the movie, late (it's in my genes), and start going through all of my things, pockets, making I'm sure the movies people around me think I am insane, and it is just NOWHERE. So after the first movie I ask the class what I can do, how I can get out of there for free, can I walk to the ticket thing and matrix-mind myself to weigh as much as a car so I can get another ticket? No. So I left as the other movie started (too curious), and retraced steps, looking everywhere, get all the way back to my car and what is that little paper lying right behind it on the garage floor? :) Yayyyyy! So I went home to make a sandwich, went back, got another ticket, talking to myself the whole time to make sure I knew where I put it (the wallet, which I have lost recently haha), and then get back to class. I did manage to squish my sandwich a lot, but I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING! 

Since then, as that was Thursday and today is Sunday, I have been relatively successful. But I do remember Mom saying 'you wouldn't lose your head if it wasn't attached to you', as a reprimand to me losing things, or was she asking a question? Whatever it was, I would. I definitely would. I would wander around being a decapitated Laura.  Feeling around blindly for my head. That would really suck, no eyes? goodness. Heads are pretty important.

I did have a pretty amusing misunderstanding with a random bus guy, I will just go ahead and include this in my post and then I will go have food items for consumption.  So random cool Jamaican looking guy decides to start a conversation with me after the bus ride as we are running across the highway-bridge thing, dodging cars (I do this everyday), and I was also being hesitant and not going when he did, so first of all, it starts off with a 'random yell', I stay on the other side, then run back through cars to see what it was. He had asked me if I was a dancer, and I was like, like to dance, why would you think that, and he said 'my shoes' which are what I thought were business shoes sort of, and I was like, oh, nope, business shoes, but I have been in dancing clubs ironically, which he awkwardly mistakes as exotic dancers I believe, so then there is this moment of WHAT, before I explain swing and salsa dancing, he asked me if I play music (I thought he was just a crazy conversationalist but then I remembered that I had on knee high musical staff sock, so he was just observant), and so we had a nice little chat before departing probably forever.  Goodbye friendly amusing ME!..oh, mechanical engineer. That didn't work out so well.

I realllllllllly need to buy some milk so I can make snow ice cream. OH MY GOODNESS I am also going to include my favorite photo in this post. It makes me laugh. I love looking up things that just make me laugh...mmm. hahahaha this just made me laugh out loud so much, just like a crazy person.  How can I ever stress about losing things when I can look at photos of monkeys :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

I just received one of the best text messages of my life. So here it is.

"If u put cookies by a sleeping persons nose theyll dream about cookies and then theyll wake up and there will be cookies right by their face."

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha....that was from one of my new friends Dan C.

Ok. So I am at this AFA (Agriculture Future of America) conference in Kansas City...feeling unusually important - we have had some of the BEST speakers yeah.  Things are good :)  I have enjoyed writing down the phrases that I find extra amazing, like when one of the guys from New Mexico said something about waking up with an 'acute and possible fatal hangover' - I will be using that phrase again.  Also later he said something more enlightening (and maybe I'd heard it before), and this was 'Find what you love to do and you'll never go to work again.' So true! It is a plan of mine as well.

It is about one month from when I wrote this that I am posting this. I need to catch the bus in 12 minutes...ahh! Will write later....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Often when I go to put on lotion, I spray a stream of it all across my room.

How dare I post when I should be finishing this paper!  It's procrastination, my walk of life, my hated yet possibly my best quality. I get more things done procrastinating then I do when I'm actually getting what needs to be done...done.  Some examples: today I managed to figure out my entire class schedule for next year, emailed EVERYONE that I have been putting off, did the dishes, made my bed (when I do that you KNOW there is something I am putting off a ridiculous amount), ...wait is that all I did? No, did research for my witchcraft class (yeah...), finally put together my notes for the lecture I have been skipping religiously (food chemistry, I'd just rather sleep is all! Plus when I get there I cannot pay attention so what's is the use in going)...and I started watching a film for my film class that..I am also religiously skipping. But for better reasons. Now I can participate in the discussion tomorrow (for once, I've been slacking so much!)...yet I am supposed to be doing a very important paper due in said movies about 9 hours. And I have a power hour before that that means it is time to blog as I listen to classical music. It's so...triumphant; would be perfect if I was actually getting something done but instead it makes everything quite amusing, perhaps it is mocking me. Well let it!

By the way, my dear friend Karma, thank you for making my food processing report not be due tomorrow as well.  Had that been the case, I would have NEVER. SLEPT. 

What is this paper about? Good started out sort of normal...talking magic is portrayed in two different films, and then somehow I morphed it into an animal cruelty paper?  I have just given it the title "The Cruelty of Magic (those poor creatures!)" which amuses me as well.  I have over three pages left. I need to find a quote from readings I've never done to put in it (no worries, you actually don't need to do the readings I have discovered - I did just peachy on the first exam). But I am just not in the mood for it...actually I sort of am.  This blogging is helping. My travel blogged turning into my procrastination blog? I think not! Maybe I am procrastinating on travel, ever think of that!? Who am I challenging here so viciously...I must be losing my mind. 

Oh also for the record, I'm no animal rights activist. Please corn feed cattle regardless of the terrible health effects so I can continue getting a double cheeseburger of the McDs menu! I mean I don't like cruelty, not at all, and I don't like people who cut down rainforests and lots of other things, but I'm not about to go protest, chain  myself to a tree in front of bulldozers, picket outside of a Tyson's plant (that'd smell to gross to be out there anyways)...instead, I will write these little words in order to not have to write the other words on my cleverly titled paper.  Actually before I title any paper, I put "Clever title' at the top until I can think of something.  The more you know....

I don't think i have anything else to say about my paper, should I start now? I do have an awfully lot to do tomorrow, pie labs, SPC homework...(statistical process control)...uhm, I don't know, STUDY FOR MY EXAM FRIDAY MORNING? I only have to learn everything.  As I haven't been going to class. Not my brightest move? Maybe not, but neither was spraying lotion all over my room.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am as happy as I am bad at updating this :)

And this is going to be so short too...

Basically: I have done some gallivanting around the world, tasted the watermelon shakes of Southeast Asia, had to SADLY leave the love of my life (og Denmark ;) hehe) I have been going full speed ahead at Purdue...Last week was the first week I managed to have a day with eight hours of sleep in it!  I actually am taking a cramming-for-food-processing-midterm break right now but am about to get back on track.  I often think I should update this little deal, but it just never happens, since sleeping is my goal. Speaking of sleeping I've been having such NUTTY dreams, and every time I even so much as walk near my bed my dreams start seeping back into my'd definitely weird and awesome. Someday I'll have more time and write more.  Just wanted to make it clear that travels have not killed me yet, and my two jobs are helping me afford the next hopeful one...South America anyone? :)

med elsk,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can't believe I'm so close to a BEAUTIFUL BEACH!! + more mistakes.

Basically I just had the most gorgeous day.  Plan was, since it was going to be almost 20 C and sunny all day I wanted to spend it outside, reading and with a picnic.  I ended up finally biking to the nearby beach I've been meaning to go to, Daniel giving me the directions.  I didn't have big hopes for it, didn't really think about it too much, just thought maybe some sand I hope, never thought people would be there! And biking there (by the way I passed my favorite store, it is called 'Butt Slaughter') I just noticed sand starting to be between the cobblestones, people seemed to be getting more excited in Danish (or it was just in my head that's alright too), and then suddenly there was a BEACH! a beautiful long pretty beach! sort of like ...double sided too...I'll have to charge my camera that is unfortunately very much breaking *sigh*.  Anyways, it's about 4 miles away from WHERE I LIVE, seriously, I live four miles from a beautiful beach, and what is this by bike? Maybe a 20 minute ride - NOTHING! :) Nothing like having to drive about 14 hours at home to get to one haha.  Ahh so just had this lovely relaxing day in the sun, snacking and such, very happy :)

So other than that I thought I might amuse you (you as in my of maybe three readers, hahaha) with a few more mistakes I have found myself making since I've been here.  I thought I might start off with the fact that I have been taking vitamins for people over 50 years old :(  When I got here I thought 'well since I'm poor I'll have to eat more unhealthily, cant afford all those veggies now!, so I wanted to get some multivitamins.  Gotta keep up the health!  Sadly my woman's daily multivitamins at home that are maybe 5 dollars for 200 pills aren't the same here, I found a smaller bottle with just 100 or something that ended up being about twenty dollars, and I was going for cheap here, that was about how much they all ran.  Being the beginning of my Danish adventure I couldn't read too much, the vitamins said '50+' and so I thought, yeah, lots of vitamins in there, read what I thought was a sampling of them and their amounts on the back and have been taking them daily...

Turns out 50+ means 50+ years...and if you are under 12 you should actually see a doctor about taking them. Amusingly I am a lot closer to 12 than I am to 50...I found out my mistake when I just decided to read a bit more of the bottle one day and realized the bottom said 'for men and women over 50 years', and them my world plummeted. I asked my neighbors what all the back said (depressed, embarrassed), and they laughed a good deal, apparently there are higher than recommended amounts for some things because older people stop being able to absorb some nutrients as well, but also you are supposed to take two pills a day so thankfully I'd only been taking one! Regardless, for being so expensive I feel sort of weird when I take them now, I'm a bit less religious about it and...yeah...I guess I'm fighting oldness one pill at a time over here! No way will I seem 50 and I'm 50, not now that I've got a heads start in nutrition!

What else have I done...well sometimes I sort of suck at biking and run into people, hit the curb, something like that.  It is not as rare as my constant 'I am nervous so I will just stop and use the crosswalk rather than turn left here because the bike lane sort of disappeared?'...but that's not really a mistake.  I think what I'm writing is probably losing any interest because I'm really into this show that involves...some girl pretending she's pregnant all the's called 'Violent Women'...Women in the US of course...goodness....oh wait the TV just corrected me, 'Deadly Women'...anyways...mistakes mistakes...some angry Danish lady yelled at me that I was biking on the area I can't bike on today (in Danish at first and I was all 'Uhm, what?'), anyways, EVERYONE ELSE WAS BIKING ON IT, But I moved  and just biked on the appropriate path RIGHT next to it - but that's not the mistake, the mistake was moving for her because I wasn't in her way she was just a crappy lady.  She was just angry because she was had brown hair and I was more Danish than her, mwahahahaha...oh this show is so scary that I can no longer blog.  Farvel, more later...

Oh wait, massive mistake number 2 (the other bike one wasn't massive it was more mild), loanin g 100 kr, like 20 bucks, to my apparently INCREDIBLY RICH FRIEND here whose German.  I desperately don't have 20 bucks to give away. Yet that is what I did, even though I hounded her for it.  Just a fail really.  Never again!!  Ok food time :)