Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy shards of lettuce :)

I AM NOT SICK ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, how awesome is everything? High gas prices I am alive to pay, delicious Quiznos with delicious coupons, getting to spill my drink on my in  my car and not even caring BECAUSE I FEEL BETTER! Remind me to never complain about anything again so long as I am not sick, because seriously, I can do anything now. I can even engage in procrastination like days of old! :) It's been a great time, oh flu viruses, rampaging around  my internal parts, making me want to die, but oh...have fun combating flu shots for the rest of my natural life because I'm gonna be gettin' 'em!

So about sandwiches.  There is never something so unhandy to eat in the car as is the sub.  It's just a mess really, you get it in the bag, all wrapped in paper, then the drive home where you want the red lights so you can try to eat, just one bite, please just one bite, and you are stopped, you're awkwardly tearing at the wrapping trying to just get that one edge, then it's green and all you can settle with are those stupid shards of lettuce at the edge, getting dressing on your hand, once more stopped, ripping paper awkwardly, trying to just somehow get your face around it - then a bite! Mostly bread, how disappointing! I noticed at one point on this very normal drive-with-sub that the paper around my sandwich said something like '3 easy steps to open" and had pictures and numbers and this perforated edge, which didn't work mainly because I had no patience for it...waste of packaging! Almost when home as well, I believe one of my more successful bites let me to have food on the side of my face, dressing, perhaps it wasn't visible but I could definitely feel it, regardless I was trying to keep myself from seeing the people near me, pulling suspiciously not window to window to them....Did I mention the only window that no longer will roll down is the only one I usually roll down? It's getting to be (exciting) spring time, I'll have to look into fixing that...I should probably do my lab report that was due to days ago...

Amazing how I can sleep and be sick for a week without doing anything...with my life. Usually I'm doing so much...I spent so much time in dream world of late...more than in reality world! Which sucked so...that was good. Eh talking about being sick is almost as boring as being sick. I ended up so loopy half the time I couldn't comprehend cryptoquips, which generally I am AWESOME at.  I really dislike the feeling of a malfunctioning brain, it's still not quite all the way there and feels so...shakey... but whatever it's close I feel like me again, I'm day dreaming about traveling again, oh yay beautiful life! Still coughing but I don't care!

I do wish I was going somewhere nice and insane for spring break, it's been so long, I should be catching up on things, I should be doing all sorts...but I still wish...:) Adios...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you sky, for being angry, because I am too!

Let's just go over a few things here.

I 'never' get sick. Now I cannot say never since I AM SO SICK! When traveling I even always try the water, just to see if I'll get sick! No, I don't, so I feel awesome about that.  But for some reason it is Sunday before a week of midterms, and I am laying here on my sickbed (might as well just call my bed that, right?), with a red scarf tied tightly around my head (like a ninja) to try to displace some of the weird sinus-y popping pain going on up there, wanting to be asleep and just...not be in this aching body anymore. I cannot study. I cannot stay awake. I cannot eat food nor taste it when I try.    Actually, I'm not sure if it's better with or without the scarf, just took it of...Kind of a relief but then I don't have that nice distracting dulling pressure.  Oh to be sick...

Anyway, it's storming, lightening, which is awesome. I am so angry I am so sick, and I am so weak, can do nothing about it, so the fact that the earth is shaking and the sky is angry makes me feel so much better, WHY DO VIRUSES EXIST! 

People always say there is no good time for bad news, or no good time to be sick. There are definitely better times to be sick, and now is not a good time. The would happen this week. Tsk tsk. I'm pretty hopped up on Dayquil, none of this makes sense, I'm losing my mind...I just saw a passenger train FINALLY!