Saturday, February 20, 2010

hahahahaha...I LOVE BERLIN

Thought I might give a quick update on my recent travel to Berlin I am still on with Marcella :) We are already having QUITE an adventure, wanted to try some couchsurfing because it was free, end up being so freaked out by these particular Germans the first night that we literally spent all day on our AWESOME alternative art tour (the BERLIN WALL IS AMAZING) secretly planning our escape, and now we have arrived at an amazing hostel called St. Christopher's that I highly reccomend to annyone planning on coming here and feel so relieved! Free things are nice, yes, but when you leave a place and you feel like you are escaping, you know it's not good to stay there :) So basically we have been having a good laugh and just...really in love with this city! Soooooo much history I will have wayyyy to much to say about it (as usual) but... mm :) Just adding up the life experiences! I'm sure couch surfing can go very well for some people but just....whew, good to be here :) The pub food here smells amazing too, think we might have to get some of that soon...

I have a few moments I suppose, might as well use all this internet we paid for, we have tried some legit German Absynth (I feel like there is an I that should be in there, but also foreign keyboards are really weird so I am just going to keep going...), it tasted like it was murdering my insides (as it probably should), did the flamming sugar with it too. And did the thing where you pour water in it and it goes all white, definitely the type of drink that you need to eat food immidiately and drink something after it...Have seen tons of amazing buildings but so far the Berlin wall really just...gets you. And the graffiti everywhere! And this other building called....Tashnele...thats probably entirely wrong. Amanda you know German I need you here! haha...oh I have three minutes. Better go. Haha.

But go to Berlin, its amazing :)

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  1. See any leprechauns? (from the Absynth). If you say no, then I doubt I shall ever have the desire to drink it haha. Although I hear there's an Absynth bar in Canada...