Sunday, February 21, 2010

Asparagus = Laura, Carrot = Marcella....

Definitely had an intense night last night after having just planning on turning in early after the crazy incident with the couch surfers! As usual I have met lots of Australians (though soe really sweet English girls and kiwi girl joined us later), and allow me to tell you a few things about the night while I have seven minutes of internet. 1- this pub that our hostel is a part of has AMAZING AND CHEAP FOOD AND BEER, also amazing music playing right now that I just cannot remember the name of even though I've listened to this song a good forty times...but also, it's an amazing atmosphere! Marcella and I got a burger and some chips (and ended up eating these Asians chips that were sitting next to us but we thought they came with our burgers...anyways...we keep getting free stuff here for no reason!)...then an Australian came up with lovely Carlsberg gifts, invited us to come sit with them, we finished and thought, oh that'll be nice before we go and sleep, sitting turns into games, lots of drinks, lots of people, until its 3 am and we are all standing in a circle doing the fruit salad game, where you have to basically not show your teeth or else you drink, but you have to pick a fruit or vegetable and be a motion for it, and it's maybe the funniest thing I have ever seen/played in my life. A really good end of the night game, especially when you have an insane gum-spitting 'pretending to be a raspberry''s so good to have nights where you just laugh till you cry :) And then go upstairs and pass out because you were too tired to stay up at all!

Anyways, times about to go up, we will now go find our tickets for the film festival!

Tcues...or something... :)

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