Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am as happy as I am bad at updating this :)

And this is going to be so short too...

Basically: I have done some gallivanting around the world, tasted the watermelon shakes of Southeast Asia, had to SADLY leave the love of my life (og Denmark ;) hehe) and...now I have been going full speed ahead at Purdue...Last week was the first week I managed to have a day with eight hours of sleep in it!  I actually am taking a cramming-for-food-processing-midterm break right now but am about to get back on track.  I often think I should update this little deal, but it just never happens, since sleeping is my goal. Speaking of sleeping I've been having such NUTTY dreams, and every time I even so much as walk near my bed my dreams start seeping back into my mind...it'd definitely weird and awesome. Someday I'll have more time and write more.  Just wanted to make it clear that travels have not killed me yet, and my two jobs are helping me afford the next hopeful one...South America anyone? :)

med elsk,

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