Monday, March 15, 2010

You know how sometimes you end up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch all night?

....instead of making a London blog post? Yeah...I'm sure you do, therefore you understand why I still haven't made it :) But it is on my list of things to do today - in capital letters even! I just did some massive shopping...way too much shopping I'm slightly much food! At least I ... wait I have on idea where you get shopping carts in Bilka (It's apparently not Bilkas, which I have been/still am calling it...don't know why!) Anyways I can only buy as much as I can carry so I was very happy the rice was unavailable! Too much weight I am a week person!

So while I'm ABOUT to put my food away, thought I would mention a few things to future long term travelers...


I happened to have maybe 4 when I got here, or just 3 leftover and thought 'oh I'll take those just in case, no sense in them staying at Purdue.' Well I am already on my last one as of tomorrow - never know when you're going to need a random visa to enter another random country!

There was something else...Hmm...I don't know, but Sabrina the Teenage Witch is an awesome show. Somehow i just ended up thinking about it and then my friend showed me a link for it online and basically...awesome night! I used to be SO into that show, and now I still am but I can't tell how much of it is just sentimental. But now I will go put away groceries!

Did I manage to fool everyone in Bilka and other random shops I visited that I was Danish? Yes. I now even mix up saying 'Tak' with 'Tak for det' (thanks for that), and sometimes I say 'Selv tak' when they say tak first...means 'thanks back'...oh yeah. Definitely turning Danish over here :)

Another point to make - The Danes really like their healthy popcorn, its either basically fat/goodness free or slightly salted. Do I miss 'Extra ultimate movie theatre butter'? Yes. Will I need to start some sort of fitness plan when I return home? Definitely.


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