Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ooooh Denmark I love thee...

I've been totally slacking on keeping this up; seems like when I go on a trip I know I will have to do a massive blog and so I put it off, therefore I have been putting off my London blog for a week now... :( It is coming RIGHT after this one I am DETERMINED to do it tonight :)

Just a quick update on whats been going on in lovely CPH - I'm still hardcore learning Danish, need to study it a lot because its ridiculously difficult...Danish culture course is also getting very interesting, especially the last lecture which discussed Greece's problems and if the EU is really a good idea or not. It was especially made interesting when the European kids in the class asked questions and such, saying what they thought about their countries in the EU or why Denmark isn't part of it sort of...All sounds really complicated really. And what is embarrassing to admit is that, regardless of the fact that I love the world and the countries, people, food, cultures, sooo much, I do NOT understand things like..economics or how currency fluctuates or countries go bankrupt when you hear in the US were trillions in debt...I just do NOT understand it. I try to, but when I think about it for awhile everything just makes less sense. Basically do not ask me economic questions. :) I don't even think I like economics haha...

Remember the show cops? that has been on recently, and I enjoy a good little house in the prairie before I go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays :) other than that I'm just enjoying my time over here, completely, and about to do some Paris planning as I'm going there with Mom, her husband, and Lexi at the end of the month...I love playing tour guide!!

Think that's really it before I come back and do a large London blog...still meeting lots of wonderful people here and loving my apartment etc. Had a big night last night with some Australians, a Scottish girl and a Norwegian, and ended up really meeting all of our lovely neighbors too.

Anyone is welcome to come visit still... :)

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