Saturday, April 17, 2010

No you smell that? Is this a ... massive joke?

Alright. Let me just set the scene here.

2 weekends ago at a friend's birthday party in Tietgen, this intense party dorm where everything insane seems to always be happening (Brazilian men sunbaking in the nude - Gross!).  Lots of people here celebrating and also just doing normal weekend drinking, not really sure if it was all for the birthday or not or just a pre-party for the dorm party downstairs. 

Anyways, people will sadly have to remain nameless. :( Only I will know their true identities...

So, noticed one person at the party smelling especially rank, just, hadn't showered for awhile it seems, I mean ok, we're all busy alright I can get over it.  Just when the arms would be raised around me I would think, you know, for being a girl, it's amazing to smell this body odor wafting towards me...not SO bad though that it's like walking past the boys locker room in high school - Puha! (Danish, and funny)

Party progresses.  Cake is given. etc.

French man comes over, compliments said rank girl ON HER PERFUME! I am standing in this talking threesome, thinking, WHAT! This still blow my mind.  The girl insists there is no perfume, it's body wash, she doesn't even have perfume here.  He insists is perfume, smells her closer, agrees with himself, she is giggling and laughing, 'No really, it's just body wash!'  And then after further arguing, he taps his nose and says 'I have a French nose, I know a good perfume when I smell one,' and that is the end. 

Meanwhile I am standing there just dying to know if this is a joke or not, or can he not smell? or....are all of our stereotypes about the French actually true haha - that they don't bathe and therefore smell bad? Oh if I could've just entered this man's brain...I still want to know so bad if he didn't like her smell or not, or if he's just insane...ahh!

End result - I suppose the French do not bathe after all... Kidding, but stereotypes can be fun :)

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